Handmade chakra bracelets

Relieves  symptomatic  nausea  by  stimulating the  Pericardium 6  acupressure point

Chakra Stones

Each P6 Bracelet is handmade with specific Chakra beads known to balance and improve your overall well being

How does the P6 Bracelet work?

The P6 Bracelet relieves symptomatic nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness, post-operative surgery, pregnancy and chemotherapy.  

The P6 Bracelet uses a single bead to target a pressure point on your wrist (Pericardium 6).  When this acupressure point is stimulated, it can give you instant relief from nausea.

Cancer Therapy

Nausea is a serious side effect of cancer therapy.  It is important that nausea and vomiting are controlled so the patient can continue treatment and have a better quality of life.  We promise to treat our customers with the honesty and respect they deserve. We pride ourselves on the quality of our bracelets and we want clients to Improve their overall well being.